8th Grade Survey

How do you like 8th grade so far? “I don’t like 8th grade so far,” and other people said “It’s okay but it can be better.” Most people said that they don’t like 8th grade so far, because they don’t have classes with their friends. Other people said, “I don’t like this year so far, because of the people and the teachers at this school.”

How do you feel being above the 7th graders this year? “I feel proud, superior like a god.” Lots of people said that they are proud or happy to be above the 7th graders this year, because they don’t really want to be back in 6th grade; they want to be the superior and don’t want to have those teacher again.

Are you scared or worried to go into high school? “I am not really worried about high school until graduation comes around, because then it might be concerning.” Two people said this because they don’t really feel the need to worry about it until the time comes. They also said that “people shouldn’t worry about it because we just barely started school.”