The Shimmering Waters of Hawaii

Aloha-Hawaiian Beach

Splash, like that I was taken down by a monster wave. Some people don’t like getting in the water, so they sit on the side of the beach and listen to the waves. Meanwhile, others are drawn to the waves to swim, play, surf, and boogey board. I fall into the second category and am drawn to the waves. It’s like a never-ending roller coaster, the waves taking you up and down, up and down, up and down. It’s also good to have snorkel or scuba gear so you can see the exotic sea life, like colorful fish, sharks, sea turtles, and many other different species. The activity that you are able to do might be determined by which beach and what time of day you go. The water also has its dangers that you need to be aware of. You could be stung by a jellyfish, taken down by a hard crashing wave, sucked into a rip tide, or cut yourself on sharp rocks and coral. Even though the first category of beach goers don’t like to get into the water, they still get to enjoy the beauty of the ocean and its wildlife. I spent the last week on the beaches in Hawaii. While playing with my younger sister and brother, we were digging in the sand, making a sand fort, when all of a sudden we found a crab. Sea turtles will also often come ashore to rest and sun bathe. The sounds of the waves are relaxing and soothing, allowing people to relax and unwind. The color and beauty of the ocean can change depending on the time of day and location. For example, during sunrise or sunset, with the sun low on the horizon, the light bounces of the waves in a pretty pink, yellow, and orange. Once again, the beach is a great place to be for all people, even if you don’t like to get in the water. During my trip to Hawaii, I went to many beaches and had lots of fun doing all different kinds of activities.

Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels is an animated series on Disney XD. It is a follow-up to Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and a prologue to Star Wars: A New Hope. The series follows a young street orphan named Ezra Bridger on the distant planet of Lothal. At this time, the Jedi Knights are extinct, and the evil Emperor Palpatine and the Galactic Empire are spreading fear and tyranny across the galaxy. All hope of rebelling against this unspeakable evil seem pointless, until young Bridger comes across a ragtag group of rebels who take up arms against the Empire and inspire hope in others. After countless mishaps, Bridger decides to join the rebel crew, which consists of former Jedi Kanan Jarrus, a feisty Mandalorian teenager named Sabine Wren, Twi’lek pilot Hera Syndulla, an intimidating Lasat warrior named Zeb Orrelios, and humorous but also mischievous astromech droid Chopper. The crew faces minor formidable storm troopers and mysterious but also deadly Sith Lords!

Birds make great pets.


Most people think birds are hard to take care of, messy, loud, and a bunch of other negative things. And the truth is, yes they are if you don’t raise them right. But if you take care of them right, they can be the best pet you’ve ever owned. This article will discuss cage sizes for the variety of sizes and strengths of different species.

For smaller birds, such as finches and parakeets, it is ideal to get a twenty-one inch by twenty-one inch cage. The spaces in between the wires for the cage must be small enough so the bird can’t get through or get stuck. If you get your bird’s wings clipped, which you should not do with finch type birds, the wires should be horizontal on at least two sides so the bird can make their way up the cage.

Medium birds, such as cockatiels, lovebirds, and other species that are around this size. The ideal cage size is twenty-four inch by twenty-four, or at least twice the size of the bird’s wing span. As well as the small birds, if the wings are trimmed, the cage should have horizontal bars on at least two sides. The space in between the bars should be small enough so the bird will not get their head stuck.

For big birds, such as conures, amazon parrots, and pigeons, they should have as big of a cage as possible. Just as the medium birds, the cage should be twice the size of their wingspan. It should be big enough to where you can put toys, forging supplies, and perches in the cage while still having enough room to where the bird can still stretch and roam around freely.

For larger birds, such as macaws and cockatoos, it is best that you only have a cage for when there is no one home or for when they sleep. These big birds aren’t recommended for people who have not owned a bird before. They should spend most of their time outside of the cage.