A Close Call with the Boron Bobcats

Volleyball Photo

The varsity volleyball team faced school rivals, the Boron bobcats on Tuesday September 5th. “The first game the team started out strong we just let them get in our heads” coach Stanford said. It was a hard fought game but in the end it resulted in a 25-19 loss.

The second game started out the same way, with desert in the lead. As boron began shortening the lead desert kept pushing. The game got very intense towards the end but desert pulled through to win it 25-17.

Boron finished out the game by winning the last two sets. “We fought hard but in the end it was the mistakes that got us.” Coach Stanford said when asked how he thought the team did in the end. Desert will play Lone Pine high school on Tuesday September 12th at Lone Pine.

Junior High Soccer Games

We talked to some of our Desert jr high school soccer players, Samuel Clark, Paolina Ramos, and Karla Carrillo. We asked them what do you like about soccer games.

Samuel Clark replied, “Soccer games are cool because you could compete against other teams, and you could see how good you are and getting by the intensity of the game, plus we would get food on the way back from the games.”

Karla Carrillo replied,  “In a game, your team has to work together to be better and games are a good experience and it helps u get better at the game.”

Paolina Ramos replied, “You can learn from games by being respectful to the other teams and you can learn new tricks by practicing and comparing the way you play in games.”

Junior Class Thoughts

Aaylah Cook

Aaylah cook is a junior at Desert High School. Her favorite thing about school is getting to hang out with her friends and getting to meet new people, but her least favorite thing about school is how disruptive the students are while a teacher is trying to teach.

I asked Aaylah who her favorite teacher is and why. Aaylah responded with, “Mr. Lawhon because he makes history fun to learn and he shows us that he loves doing his job.” Aaylah’s biggest supporter in high school are her friends because they always have her back and no matter what she is going through they will always be there. If Aaylah could change something about desert it would be that they have a better selection for language classes, instead of just Spanish.

Aaylah finds school somewhat difficult because it’s hard to find a balance between social life and school, even when you are involved with sports. If Aaylah could tell Dr. Ellms something, it would be to stop feeding his dog grapes. I asked Aaylah what advice she has for other students getting ready to go into high school she replied, “Don’t get distracted, and don’t get caught in the stupid, petty drama.”

After high school Aaylah wants to get into history because Mr. Lawhon made history a lot of fun and she wants to make it fun for others. She also plans on going to college somewhere in San Diego or maybe Pepperdine. Aaylah is most looking forward to meeting new people and exploring the world after high school.

Skylar Irving

Skylar Irving is also a junior at Desert High School. Soon going to be a senior, Skylar is nervous because that means she has to start becoming more responsible and thinking about her future. Her favorite thing about high school is hanging out with her friends.

Her favorite teacher so far is Mr. Lawhon because he is relatable and is the most chilliest teacher here. In Skylar’s opinion desert could have a better variety of sports for example rugby and drill team. If Skylar could change something in high school, it would be the people because of how much bullying goes on here.

After high school Skylar wants to be a laboring delivery nurse because she loves babies. Skylar plans on going to college, such as antelope valley college for the nursing program. I asked Skylar if she thinks high school has helped her for her future, she replied, “in some ways, it has helped me be more independent with things.”

Cristina Garcia-Franco

Cristina is a junior at desert high school. Since Cristina isn’t a senior, she isn’t allowed to go out for lunch. I asked her how the school lunch is, she responded, “it’s somewhat edible, but it really lacks flavor.” Her favorite activity at school is robotics because it gives her something to do and also she gets to be involved with something that is fun.

I asked Cristina what she would change about desert. She responded with, “I would change the appearance definitely because the school just doesn’t feel like a school or something people want to go to every day, also the school moral.” Cristina’s somewhat favorite experience during high school is just being able to hang out with her friends because she really enjoys them being there for her. Advice that Cristina has for other students getting ready to go into high school is to not procrastinate because the more you do, then the less chance you have getting into a college that you want to get into because they see you haven’t taken high school seriously.

After high school Cristina wants to go to college, possibly UCSD. She isn’t quite sure what she wants to do yet but she feels that she will figure that out within the next year or so. Also, she thinks high school has somewhat helped her prepare for her future, but she wishes that desert had more classes that would be able to help her be more prepared.