Wrestling Preseason Article

With several students participating in the wrestling preseason going on, anticipation for the first tournament is high. Currently, 5 members go to the track after school to practice endurance and raise their cardio, as well as work out in the weight room to get stronger, in preparation for the season. We surveyed 2 of the 5 wrestlers and their answers were very interesting.

One wrestler, Matthew Valdez, described his previous wrestling season as “litty”, and he said he would do it over and over again. He is very excited about preseason starting, he entails, “It is increasingly difficult everyday, but I am getting stronger and faster each day”. He cannot wait to, “Destroy people on the mat”, when wrestling preseason is over.

Another veteran wrestler, Leaaron Santos, has wrestled for 4 years now and aspiring to go to state this year. He describes his previous wrestling season as “buffening” and he has grown 10x stronger. His goals for this upcoming wrestling season is to, “Give every other school the ‘donk’ “, which means he will get a win every match and all the other schools will lose to him. When asked why he believes not too many people wrestle, he responded with “I guess some people can’t handle the intensity of the sport, they might be intimidated”.  

The team is confident in the ability of themselves and their coaches. So with morale high and practices already tough, it’s looking like a good season for the boys and girls in the Desert wrestling team!

The State of the ASB

After three weeks, Desert High ASB is off to a strong start. Already there’s been a pep rally and spirit day, and the snack bars opened August 29 for the first home volleyball games. Despite technical difficulties, all committees have worked harder to communicate with and advertise to the student body. In terms of efficiency and motivation, the first month has been a success thus far.

The current major focus of the Activities and Spirit Committees, along with ASB as a whole, is the 2017 Homecoming Week, set for October 10th-14th. Friday, October 13th is the Homecoming Pep Rally and football game, and the dance is the next day. Details about the theme, spirit week, and other such items forthcoming.

Aside from this, other individual committees have projects in the works as well. Throughout the year, Business and Sales (headed by Andrew Gomez) manages and works the ASB Snack Bars during home sports events. Academics (headed by Kaitlyne Klingman) plans and runs Honor Roll, Student of the Quarter, and related events. A goal of the Athletics committee (headed by Madison London) is to set up a Color Run for students in the near future. Lastly, Publicity (headed by Marcella Werre) works in the school display cases and to advertise events and news, both on campus and via email.

Nearly a month in, the class is already making strides toward a prosperous and memorable year. The current state of the ASB: optimistic.

7th Grade Scoop

Desert Crest/LogoWe asked a number of 7th graders at Desert Junior High what they thought about school and this was the response that we got.

Question- What do you think about switching classes?

“I like switching classes because, if you don’t like a teacher you don’t have to deal with them for 7 to 8 hours.” -Nya Childs

“It’s okay, I like switching classes.” -Jaren Garner

Question- Which do you prefer Junior High or Elementary School?

“I prefer Junior High because it’s easier to make friends and you are overall just free.” -Kimberly Aguilar Cortez

“Junior High because, it is more understandable and overall really fun and easy.” -Kaidence Borba

“Junior High is better due to the fact that you have more responsibility and there are more classes.” -Jailey Ferror

“Elementary School because we were the oldest.” -Piper Danks

Question- Do you think you have more homework compared to last year?

“This year we have gotten more homework.” -Keono Smith

Some disagree with this statement. Summer Espitia thinks that this year we have gotten very little homework compared to last year. In fact a big percent of the 7th graders believe we had more homework last year at Branch.

Over half of the 7th graders like Junior High better than Elementary. We personally think that Junior High is the better option. GO SCORPIONS!!