Cross Country Update

To start off Cross Country exists, it is a sport where the participant will run a three mile or three point one mile race. The team run all over the place but they stretch and warm up on the, or by the practice field.

The team will accept new people to the fun but brutal sport. So if you want to run with them go to the practice field by 3:15 in running clothes and shoes, be ready to train.

You should join Cross Country because you could make some friends and be happier with the newer fitter you. Some people you could become friends with are  Caleb, Brecken, Dylan, and Devina. All of them are led by our two coaches Coach Phil, and Coach Perry.

Caleb says to all people wishing to join, “Cross Country is a fun sport.” This shows you that even the athlete who pushes their body to the limit can still have fun in the exciting, and beautiful sport.

Join us this season and Go scorpions.

Wrestling Preseason Article

With several students participating in the wrestling preseason going on, anticipation for the first tournament is high. Currently, 5 members go to the track after school to practice endurance and raise their cardio, as well as work out in the weight room to get stronger, in preparation for the season. We surveyed 2 of the 5 wrestlers and their answers were very interesting.

One wrestler, Matthew Valdez, described his previous wrestling season as “litty”, and he said he would do it over and over again. He is very excited about preseason starting, he entails, “It is increasingly difficult everyday, but I am getting stronger and faster each day”. He cannot wait to, “Destroy people on the mat”, when wrestling preseason is over.

Another veteran wrestler, Leaaron Santos, has wrestled for 4 years now and aspiring to go to state this year. He describes his previous wrestling season as “buffening” and he has grown 10x stronger. His goals for this upcoming wrestling season is to, “Give every other school the ‘donk’ “, which means he will get a win every match and all the other schools will lose to him. When asked why he believes not too many people wrestle, he responded with “I guess some people can’t handle the intensity of the sport, they might be intimidated”.  

The team is confident in the ability of themselves and their coaches. So with morale high and practices already tough, it’s looking like a good season for the boys and girls in the Desert wrestling team!

A Glance Into Cheerleaders Lives

Cheerleaders Photo

I’ve asked ten cheerleaders a variety of questions about their cheer lives.Lot’s of people wonder how the lives of cheer is and this is their answer.

I asked most of them on Thursday, September seventh before practice.These interviews took place in the quad at Desert.

Abby Patrick was asked two questions. Her response for one of the questions was “Cheerleading looked like fun and I also wanted to meet new people (it was a new school for her). Abby also really likes the people she cheers with which is great.

Maria (last name unknown) said she practices about three hours at school and thirty minutes at home a week. Kirshma (last name unknown) practices one hour and thirty minutes a day.

Hannah Mcduffy practices ten hours a week at the least. Hannah (last name unknown) said “it sounded like fun’ when she was deciding to join and she wanted to do something other than dance.

Jenna said she has always been interested in cheer and she also did it for a friend.Kim said “cheerleading in front of everyone is actually a lot of fun. It’s just a really cool experience and I get to see everyone’s beautiful face”.

Kristina and Kailey say they’re not nervous to cheer in front of everyone. Natilie said “i love the people i cheer with, there like family”.