Courtwarming Week: February 5 – 10, 2018

School Spirit

Next week is “Courtwarming Week”, which is “homecoming for basketball season”. There will be a spirit week, a pep rally, senior night for winter sports, a food day, and a dance!

Spirit week follows the theme for the dance of “A Walk through a Rose Garden”:

  1. Monday is “Rose for my Rose”: Wear flowers
  2. Tuesday is “Tied Up Day”: Wear tie-dye
  3. Wednesday is “Boo’d Up Day”: Twin with someone
  4. Thursday is “Home is Where the Heart Is”: Wear class/school colors
  5. Friday is “Meme Day”: Dress as your favorite meme

The pep rally will be held on Thursday, February 8th at the end of the day due to Friday’s home basketball game.

Friday will be a “food day” in the quad. Clubs are selling food — come out and support.

That night at the home basketball game, seniors participating in winter sports will be recognized at “Senior Night”.

Saturday, February 10th will be the Courtwarming Dance at Club Muroc on base. The dance will be 7-11 p.m.

Whats Kickin’

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A Close Call with the Boron Bobcats

Volleyball Photo

The varsity volleyball team faced school rivals, the Boron bobcats on Tuesday September 5th. “The first game the team started out strong we just let them get in our heads” coach Stanford said. It was a hard fought game but in the end it resulted in a 25-19 loss.

The second game started out the same way, with desert in the lead. As boron began shortening the lead desert kept pushing. The game got very intense towards the end but desert pulled through to win it 25-17.

Boron finished out the game by winning the last two sets. “We fought hard but in the end it was the mistakes that got us.” Coach Stanford said when asked how he thought the team did in the end. Desert will play Lone Pine high school on Tuesday September 12th at Lone Pine.