The Last Step to the Real World

Senior year is bittersweet to all of us. We spend four years in high school, drenched in work, staying up late, being part of a team, going out and having fun, taking selfies, and just enjoying being a teenager. High school is not all fun and games, there are times where we feel overwhelmed and a lot of pressure, but fight through it.

So far senior year has been fun and enjoyable to some, others not so much. “It is pretty fun so far.” stated Alexia Amador. For the size of  Desert High School it has been better than some actually expected it to be. The school is not like the ones in movies, with over 1000 students roaming the halls. Desert is small, but it has a big heart.

Desert may have a big heart, but it does have some flaws attached to it. “I wish there was more school spirit.” commented Chloe Asanon and many other students. There has always been a problem trying to get everyone to participate in school events. “If there was more school spirit, senior year would be better.” said Madison London.


All throughout our lives, we just wanted to get school over with. Some people love high school, some are on the opposite end of that stick. Now it is their time, Class of 2018, ready to leave their mark. Just one step closer out the door to open another one.

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