A Glance Into Cheerleaders Lives

Cheerleaders Photo

I’ve asked ten cheerleaders a variety of questions about their cheer lives.Lot’s of people wonder how the lives of cheer is and this is their answer.

I asked most of them on Thursday, September seventh before practice.These interviews took place in the quad at Desert.

Abby Patrick was asked two questions. Her response for one of the questions was “Cheerleading looked like fun and I also wanted to meet new people (it was a new school for her). Abby also really likes the people she cheers with which is great.

Maria (last name unknown) said she practices about three hours at school and thirty minutes at home a week. Kirshma (last name unknown) practices one hour and thirty minutes a day.

Hannah Mcduffy practices ten hours a week at the least. Hannah (last name unknown) said “it sounded like fun’ when she was deciding to join and she wanted to do something other than dance.

Jenna said she has always been interested in cheer and she also did it for a friend.Kim said “cheerleading in front of everyone is actually a lot of fun. It’s just a really cool experience and I get to see everyone’s beautiful face”.

Kristina and Kailey say they’re not nervous to cheer in front of everyone. Natilie said “i love the people i cheer with, there like family”.

The State of the ASB

After three weeks, Desert High ASB is off to a strong start. Already there’s been a pep rally and spirit day, and the snack bars opened August 29 for the first home volleyball games. Despite technical difficulties, all committees have worked harder to communicate with and advertise to the student body. In terms of efficiency and motivation, the first month has been a success thus far.

The current major focus of the Activities and Spirit Committees, along with ASB as a whole, is the 2017 Homecoming Week, set for October 10th-14th. Friday, October 13th is the Homecoming Pep Rally and football game, and the dance is the next day. Details about the theme, spirit week, and other such items forthcoming.

Aside from this, other individual committees have projects in the works as well. Throughout the year, Business and Sales (headed by Andrew Gomez) manages and works the ASB Snack Bars during home sports events. Academics (headed by Kaitlyne Klingman) plans and runs Honor Roll, Student of the Quarter, and related events. A goal of the Athletics committee (headed by Madison London) is to set up a Color Run for students in the near future. Lastly, Publicity (headed by Marcella Werre) works in the school display cases and to advertise events and news, both on campus and via email.

Nearly a month in, the class is already making strides toward a prosperous and memorable year. The current state of the ASB: optimistic.

8th Grade Survey

How do you like 8th grade so far? “I don’t like 8th grade so far,” and other people said “It’s okay but it can be better.” Most people said that they don’t like 8th grade so far, because they don’t have classes with their friends. Other people said, “I don’t like this year so far, because of the people and the teachers at this school.”

How do you feel being above the 7th graders this year? “I feel proud, superior like a god.” Lots of people said that they are proud or happy to be above the 7th graders this year, because they don’t really want to be back in 6th grade; they want to be the superior and don’t want to have those teacher again.

Are you scared or worried to go into high school? “I am not really worried about high school until graduation comes around, because then it might be concerning.” Two people said this because they don’t really feel the need to worry about it until the time comes. They also said that “people shouldn’t worry about it because we just barely started school.”